Chakra Set of 11


Chakra Healing Set There are 11 Chakra Healing Bags in this set. They are made with two healing copper coils and a selenite disk. Together they open the Chakras, remove negative energy and help the energy move in a clockwise direction. The Healing bags are placed on each of the Chakras, the hands and feet. The powerful copper spiral coils, open the Chakras and release blockages that contribute to mental, emotional and physical discomfort. This allows your innate healing energy to flow freely through your entire energetic system infusing you with positive life force energy. When the Chakras are open, and spinning in a clockwise direction, the intuitive senses are awakened bringing a higher state of consciousness, healing, peace, love and harmony.
Directions: Wear comfortable clothing and lay on your back. Place one Chakra Healing Bag on each of the 7 Chakras starting at the Root Chakra and Ending at the Crown Chakra. Slip the two Chakra Bags with elastic over each of your feet so the bags are touching the bottoms of the feet. Now place a bag in each hand with your palms facing upward. If you have a copper blanket, place it over you.
Inhale and exhale taking long deep breaths. Continue to breathe deeply and starting at the Crown Chakra, visualize a circle of light moving in a clockwise direction. Do seven circles of light at each Chakra. Move down the front side of your body. When you reach the Root Chakra, move upward, along the backside of your body, doing the
circle of light through all the Chakras and complete
your visualization at the Crown Chakra.



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