Angelic Light Coil – Love & Gratitude Generator


In the book, “Messages From Water”, Masura Emoto says, “The words Love & Gratitude formed the most beautiful water crystals.”  Saying these words would turn dirty polluted water into beautiful clean water. 

Your body is 70% water and the words Love & Gratitude can generate a positive effect on your mind and body.  The Copper Coil in a spiral form is a powerful energy generator.  Together they can transform your  wellbeing.

The Angelic Light Coil should always be used with the Love & Gratitude facing upward.

Place the Light Coil on your Heart Chakra and say the words, “I am filled with Love & Gratitude.”  You can also use the Light Coil to charge your water with beautiful water crystals.  Place your cup or bottle of water on the Light Coil for 10 minutes to charge it with Love & Gratitude. 

The Angelic Light Coil is a gift from the Angels to generate more Love & Gratitude within you and the world. 

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