the Angelic Transformation process



what is a human being?

Homo Sapiens

Humans (Homo sapiens ) are the only  extant  members of the  subtribe   Hominina. Together with  chimpanzees,  gorillas, and  orangutans, they are part of the family  Hominidae  (the great apes, or hominids). A  terrestrial animal, humans are characterized by their  erect posture  and  bipedal locomotion; high  manual dexterity  and heavy tool use compared to other animals; open-ended and complex  language use  compared to other  animal communications; larger, more complex brains than other animals; and highly advanced and organized  societies.

Humans are a physical species, but Who is the Spiritual Being that lives within your physical body?

“We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience; we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.”     Pierre Teilard de Chardin.

“We are not Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience; we are Spiritual Beings having a Divine Experience.”       Erak Grayye


A Message From The Aquarian Angels

We are The Aquarian Angels and we are here to help you attune to the higher vibrations of the Celestial Realm.  The poles of the Earth are changing and along with this shift is a higher vibrational reality.  Cosmic Energy affects the DNA strands, which in turn affect your minds, hearts and bodies.  We have given the New Blueprint to the ones we call the Natural Born Healers.  They will guide you and support you on your inner Journey of Light.  We welcome you on the Angelic Spiritual Path.  As you walk upon this path, you will transform into a new being.  Your Spiritual DNA, will begin generating a higher vibrational energy, that will restructure every molecule of your being.  As you embrace the guidance and direction we have provided, your entire life will transform, just as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly.

It is time for a new human to emerge as the Earth evolves and becomes part of the Celestial Realm.  There are many dimensions that exist within the being you call human.  You have the potential to evolve and become a Celestial Being.  Evolution has been happening since time began.  The secret is within your DNA.  It was designed to receive cosmic energy from the solar system.  As the planets and stars move and change, so do the energy waves that come from your Solar System.  These energy waves react with your DNA and determine your design.  Your hearts, minds and bodies receive images, which in turn become thoughts and actions that create your reality.  You have seen how your external reality has changed dramatically over the past 2000 years due to shifts in the Earth’s Poles and planetary movements in the solar system.  

Each of you will have to go through a personal transformational process in order to become a member of the Celestial Realm. This process happens on many levels and encompasses every aspect of your life.  Letting go of old lower vibrational thoughts and habits and embracing The Light is what we call The Angelic Transformation Process.  It is your Journey of Light and we are grateful to be part of it. 

We thank you, The Aquarian Angels.

A Blueprint for Angelic Awakening

The seed of a tree contains a blueprint of what the tree will become one day.  Within you there is a spiritual seed that contains the blueprint of your Angelic Self.  Just as the seed of the tree needs earth, air, water, sunlight and food, your spiritual seed need to be nurtured for it to grow and mature into a beautiful Angelic Being.  The Angelic Wisdom Techniques are the earth, air, water, sunlight and food for your spiritual self.

As you practice the Angelic Wisdom Techniques, you will let go of the low vibrational energy, that blocks you from realizing your Angelic Self.  You will build a high vibrational reality that sustains your Self-Realization and Angelic Awareness.

The Angels have given us a Blueprint for Angelic Awakening.  It is called the Angelic Transformation Process.  You are a unique and perfect soul that has forgotten who you are.  Life takes your true identity and gives you a false identity that is only a shell that covers your true self.  You are a divine being waiting to awaken to your true self.  When you crack the shell,  your divine self emerges and you can express your divine gifts and abilities and live in Peace, Joy and Gratitude.  The Angelic Transformation Process awakens your true self and shows you how to grow and transform yourself into your true identity. 



“We have the capacity to become Angels, and this is God’s intent.  In Heaven we don’t just sit around on clouds playing harps or singing in heavenly choirs praising God forever and ever.  Who would want that for eternity?  Rather, Angels honor God with active lives of service, by doing what they love most, what they do best, and what brings joy and fulfillment to others as well as to themselves.”

“What is heavenly joy?  And then the Angel answered simply,  it is the pleasure of doing something that benefits both yourselves and others. The pleasure of this kind of service gets its essential substance from Love and its visible form from Wisdom.  The pleasure of a service that arises from Love through Wisdom is the soul and life of all heavenly joys.  All human beings are capable of following a spiritual path if they choose.  God sends Angels to watch over us, to guide us, to share Love and Wisdom, and to give us the opportunity to grow spiritually.”

Emanuel Swedenborg,  18th century scientist and theologian.