The Aquarian Angels


There are 12 Astrological Ages that last approximately 2160 years each.  At the beginning of each Astrological Age, there are Angels from that Zodiac Constellation  that usher in the New Age and bring the evolutionary new pattern for humanity.  At the present time we are entering into the Age of Aquarius, so the Aquarian Angels are bringing the new vision for humanity. Since The Aquarian Angels are not in physical bodies, they need us to actualize The Aquarian Vision,  just as we need them to show us how to evolve into Celestial Beings. 

The Aquarian Age is the time that was spoken of by the ancient prophets who said there would be a New Earth and there would be Heaven on Earth. The Aquarian Angels have brought us a Blueprint called The Angelic Transformation Process to show us how to shift our consciousness to the Angelic Level so we can see their Vision of Heaven on Earth, and then we can manifest it. The changing of the ages is a very challenging time on Earth, for the old structures and ways of life begin to crumble, as they  no longer work for life on our planet.   It is like when a snake outgrows its skin, and it must shed it, as it no longer fits its needs.  It is the same with humanity, we have outgrown our inhuman-ness and now it’s time to evolve and become Spiritual Beings.   It has taken Aeons for the Earth to evolve, to the point, where life as we know it can exist here. 

Everything in nature lives as a harmonious community, where all life forms have a purpose and every one of us is interdependent on the other.  Just imagine if the Sun decided to take a two week vacation, we would all cease to exist.  There is a delicate balance that is maintained by all life forms as they go about their daily lives. Most of the life forms that live on our planet,  don’t even know that they are part of an amazing creation.  They just go about living their life doing an important job that is vital for the existence of the whole. 

Unfortunately, human beings have forgotten they are Divine Beings created in the image of God.  Some of you believe you own the Earth and it is here to make you rich and powerful so you can have and do anything you please, regardless of the cost to the whole of creation.  Human life is not valued and this system has created unnecessary and unimaginable suffering.  Life has been boiled down to a big business where the purpose of life is to grow rich and powerful.  We all have been made to believe that we need to fight for our little piece of the pie and create weapons of mass destruction to protect us from someone else taking it all away from us.  We must turn the corner on this reality based on fear, greed and selfishness and embrace a new reality of sharing all of the abundance that God has created for all to enjoy.

What is the Angelic Vision

Human Beings have created a world of conflict,  separation, disease, poverty and destruction.   Why would we make such a poor choice when we could choose peace, unity, health, abundance and respect for our Mother Earth.  Humanity has lost its way and forgotten that we are all God’s Children and that makes us Divine Beings.  We live on a totally Divine Planet with all of our diverse family.  We have fallen into a bad dream that our differences are a threat instead of a celebration.  It’s time to wake up to a New Reality and The Aquarian Angels are here to lead the way.  It’s really not that difficult since we are the creators of our reality.  All we have to do is come together and start creating a reality based on Love.

How would we do that?

We would have to wake up from this bad dream and see life through God’s Eyes,  see each other as brothers and sisters, one big diverse family who all have the same creator.  We are definitely all from the same creator.  We all have two eyes, a nose, two ears, two arms, two legs, two feet, hair, eyebrows, teeth, internal organs, blood, and most importantly, a heart.  So what if we’re different colors, shapes and sizes.  It would be pretty boring if we were all Black, White, Yellow, Red or Brown and all the same shape. 

We have the ability to live in Peace and Harmony together on our planet and create Heaven on Earth.  We just need a small adjustment to what’s between our ears.  Our lower minds must be transformed into spiritual minds so we can see with our spiritual eyes.  Then we can transform the old system of greed and separation  into a system of Love and Unity.  

How do we wake up?

The Aquarian Angels have a Blueprint for Angelic Awakening. As we embrace a new way to be, our world will change, because the world is just a reflection of our hearts and minds.  The first step is to go through the Angelic Transformation Process so we can wake up and become the Angelic Beings that we truly are.  Then we will naturally form communities that are based on love so our brothers and sisters can see how beautiful life can be working together for the good of all. I know this sounds very idealistic and maybe even impossible,  but remember we have Angels to help us and it’s time to create Heaven on Earth.  I would rather believe in the seemingly impossible, then believe in the current bad dream that humanity has created.   Let’s start creating a new dream together of Peace, Love and Harmony.


“The biggest catalyst for me was gazing upon the crystal of love and gratitude.   Water taught me that those words shine most beautifully. 

 In fact, I think they’re the key words in the coming age of the great transition.  Love and Gratitude make up the essence of life.”     

  Masaru Emoto, author of “Messages from Water”