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Humanity is going through a massive shift in consciousness.  The Aquarian Angels are here to help us elevate and attune our consciousness to the Aquarian Vibration.  There is a spiritual seed within us that can be activated and will grow into our Angelic Self. 


 Angelic Transformational Services

Angelic Seed Activation: 7 Sessions Activating each Chakra

Angelic Healing & Guidance

Programs for Spiritual Transformation

Angelic Healer & Facilitator Apprenticeships

  Angelic  Shui



angelic spiritual seed activation 

 the angelic spiritual seed activation is a 7 week/7session program.  Each session will open and activate one of the 7 charkas.   the final chakra activation will connect all the chakras and activate the spiritual seed.  There are spiritual exercises and guidance that come with each chakra activation and practiced during the week to prepare for the next activation


Angelic Healing & guidance

            This is deep healing work that clears blockages in the energy field and allows healing to happen on all levels.

            Initial Visit is 2 hours and consists of an Initial Evaluation, Chakra Work and Angelic Guidance. 

           Recommendations may include: Spiritual Guidance, Nutritional & Herbal Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies,                   Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Dietary Guidance and referrals to Holistic & Conventional Doctors or                               Practitioners. 


programs for spiritual transformation   

each program is designed for the individual to support their personal transformation process.  Angelic healing and guidance, chakra activation and angelic shui are all included as your spiritual self unfolds into the beautiful angelic being that you are.



Angelic Transformational Healer &  Facilitator Apprenticeship 

If you are interested in helping others awaken to their Angelic Self, this one year certification program is designed to take you through your personal transformation process.  You will elevate your consciousness to the Angelic Level so you can communicate with The Angelic Realm and be an Angelic Healer & Facilitator for Angelic Awakening.   


Angelic Shui consultations

  Our spiritual self needs light and love to grow.  We must create a spiritual environment within our home to            grow into our angelic self. 




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