we are evolving into divine beings

The Universe is constantly evolving and expanding.  The Earth is evolving from a 3rd dimensional planet to a 5th dimensional planet.  As our earth moves from the Piscean Age to the Age of Aquarius, the vibrational frequency of our planet is increasing and Our Earth is becoming a highly spiritual planet.    At this time,  in our evolutionary process as souls,  we all have an incredible opportunity to evolve into highly spiritual beings. 

How do we transform ourselves into highly spiritual beings?

Our DNA is multidimensional and interacts with the planetary energies of our solar system.  The Aquarian Vibrational Frequency is activating our dormant DNA and we are feeling this energetic shift which can cause anxiety and discomfort; physically, emotionally and mentally.  As conscious beings, with free will, we must choose to attune ourselves to the Aquarian  Vibrational Frequency.  This attunement doesn’t just happen automatically, it is a conscious evolutionary process that we have to go through. 

What does it mean to attune yourself to the Aquarian Vibrational Frequency?

The Aquarian Age is a vibration of Peace, Love and Harmony.  Human Beings decide what the world will be, we are the creators and we can create a peaceful and harmonious world or a destructive and disharmonious world.  Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are projected into the world through our ideas and laws.  If the people who control the government and laws create a society of unequality and privilege then some will prosper and some will not.  If we create a world where everyone prospers and enjoys abundance, then all people will most likely enjoy life and live their lives in peace and harmony.   It is our choice what we make our world into.  More and more people are demanding fairness and equality for all.  When people elevate their consciousness or minds through spiritual practices, they become attuned to their spiritual self and live a spiritual life.  This translates into realizing we are all one family living on a beautiful planet that provides us with everything we need.  It is only when the lower mind is in control that people think they have to own the world and use their power to control others for selfish gain.                                               In the Aquarian Age of Spirituality, we will live as a spiritual family in harmony with each other and Mother Earth.  There are spiritual practices that elevate our consciousness so everything we do becomes a reflection of our inner experience.  Our life is transformed from a selfish life to a life of service to each other.  This is God’s plan for us and our planet, to live in peace and harmony, with each other and Mother Earth.  

                                                                                          What is a Divine Being? 

We are Spiritual Beings in a physical body.  Our consciousness is multidimensional and we can have a lower nature or higher nature.  Every Soul is capable of being in a consciousness of love.  Since we have free will, we can choose to live in a lower consciousness and be full of hatred, greed, selfishness, jealousy, anger,  separation and judgement.  We can also choose to elevate our consciousness and be loving, giving, selfless, supportive and peaceful.  When we choose to be Divine we can work on ourselves and open up the higher spiritual mind.  This is humanities destiny, to be one with our God Self and live as Divine Beings in a human body.


 Who are The Aquarian Angels? 

At the beginning of each New Age, there are Angels that help humanity evolve to the next level of consciousness.  Angels are part of our Universal Family and they help us with healing and guidance as we move into the New Age.  We all have the ability to communicate with  Angels, but we must elevate our consciousness to their level so we can receive their help and guidance.  The Angels that are here at this time to help us transform into Divine Beings are called the Aquarian Angels. They are from the Constellation of Aquarius and they hold the Vision for the New Blueprint for the Age of Aquarius.  Humanity is on the verge of a great transformation and the Aquarian Angels are here to show us the way.  



Hi,  I’m Erak Grayye, 

I have been communicating with the Aquarian Angels for the past 18 years.  The Aquarian Angels have guided and supported me through             The Angelic Transformation Process and now it’s time to bring their help and guidance so you can evolve into a Divine Being.  The Aquarian Angels have given me a Blueprint for Awakening the Divine within you and it’s called The Angelic Transformation Process.  The transformation process is a set of techniques called the Angelic Wisdom Techniques and as you practice them, you will elevate your consciousness and transform into a    Divine Being.  I look forward to meeting and working with you on our Divine Journey.   Erak Grayye